Automatic blog publishing using Python and XML-RPC

The following piece of code collects links in a Pligg database (but could be any kind of source like RSS feed...) and automatically builds and publishes entries in a blog using XML-RPC.

A small database class :

class DatabaseAPI(object):
    def connect(self, host="localhost", port=3306, user="root", passwd="root123", db="mysql"):
        import MySQLdb
        self.conn = MySQLdb.connect(host, user, passwd, db)

    def disconnect(self):

    def fetchall(self, sqlquery):
        cursor = self.conn.cursor()
        return cursor.fetchall()

A Blog publishing class :

class BlogAPI(object):
    def __init__(self, urlapi, username, password):
        import xmlrpclib
        self.xmlrpclib = xmlrpclib
            self.server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy( urlapi )
            raise Exception( "Could not connect to %s" % url )
        self.username = username
        self.password = password

    def newPost(self, title, description, blogid = '1', publish = True ):
        if description == "":
            description = "<em>empty entry</em>"
        post = {}
        post['title'] = title
        post['description'] = description
            r = self.server.metaWeblog.newPost( blogid, self.username, self.password, post, publish )
            return r
        except self.xmlrpclib.Fault, fault:
            raise Exception( fault.faultString )

Build the SQL query : all entries of current week

import datetime
dt = datetime.timedelta(weeks=-1)
today =
agelimit = today + dt
stmt = """
SELECT link_url, link_url_title
FROM pligg_links
WHERE link_status = 'published' AND link_published_date > "%s"
ORDER BY link_published_date DESC""" % agelimit.strftime("%Y%m%d000000")

Put everything together :

db = DatabaseAPI()
db.connect(user="user", passwd="pass", db="name")
entries = db.fetchall(stmt)

body = """
for entry in entries:
    body += """
    <li><a href="%s">%s</a></li>""" % (entry[0], entry[1])
body += """

blog = BlogAPI("http://yourblog/xmlrpc/", "user", "pass")
title = "Links week #%s" % today.strftime("%W")
blog.newPost(title, body)

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