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Remove django form field validation errors manually

Original post at Makina Corpus

Sometimes I look for something which seems so simple and stupid that I can't imagine it does not exist. It makes me wonder why and who is the fool. Worse, I can't be sure about my search keywords to prove me anything.

I just wanted to delete, reset or remove the validation errors of a single form field, within a django view, without overriding the form or field class.

A one-liner

aform.errors['afield'] = aform['afield'].error_class()

That's it folks !

  • This will not affect other fields errors or non-field errors ;
  • This will reuse nicely the field error class (ErrorDict or ErrorList) ;
  • You cannot set aform.errors['afield'] = None or your form full_clean() will be performed again !
  • Obviously, the ideal approach is to override your form clean() properly.

Comments !