Render your TileMill stylesheets with Landez

TileMill is an amazing tool to design your map, and publish it. With landez, you can easily render it using python, or do whatever comes with the API !

From TileMill to Landez

Use Tilemill to design your map, and export the Mapnik XML stylesheet :

Then simply use landez with stylefile argument :

import logging
from landez import MBTilesBuilder


mb = MBTilesBuilder(stylefile="Toulouse-Voirie.xml",
mb.add_coverage(bbox=[1.39, 43.56, 1.50, 43.64],
                zoomlevels=range(10, 18))

In the above example, a MBTiles file toulouse-voirie.mbtiles will be created with all rendered tiles. (Note: This won't render UTF-Grid tiles, since TileMill does not expose this part in the XML stylesheet.)

If you don't have Mapnik2 installed, you might encounter rendering errors like : AssertionError: Cannot render tiles without mapnik !.

Installation of Mapnik 2

Mapnik2 packages on Debian/Ubuntu

In Ubuntu Precise (12.04) or Debian Wheezy (7.0), it's a piece of cake, the package is available in the repos

sudo apt-get install python-mapnik2

In Ubuntu Maverick (10.10), Natty (11.04), Oneiric (11.10), it's quite easy, there is a PPA, from MapBox

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:developmentseed/mapbox
sudo update
sudo apt-get install python-mapnik2

Mapnik2 and python bindings from sources

Welcome in the quicksands of installing Mapnik2 python bindings from sources !

Christian Spanring wrote a quick tutorial to install it from sources on Ubuntu 10.04.

It might be a bit tricky to tweak this tutorial for your distribution. Hopefully, our colleague Mathieu has prepared a minitage's "minilay" for it, just follow the few steps to compile the whole stack.

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