Good practices for Open Source projects

In this article, I gathered some good practices for open source projects.

I made my best to keep it short and not too verbose. If you want to discuss, contribute or enhance this article, simply use Github !


Source code





  • Keep the master branch stable
  • Create a dedicated branch with an explicit name for each feature (e.g. 187_add_drop_down_menu)
  • Use pull-requests
  • Even if you are the owner, and alone in your project, use pull-requests (allows code review, triggers integration tests, history is clearer, ...)
  • Ideally, who merges the pull-request is not its author
  • Ideally merge branches with the no fast-forward option (git merge --no-ff)
  • Create a develop branch in case of major refactoring, or follow a proper Git workflow to ease merging


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