Subtivals, ready for Cinelatino !

The film festival CineLatino in Toulouse opens its doors today ! And I've just delivered the source package of version Subtivals 1.5.0 to the building robots of Launchpad !

During the festival, Subtivals will not simply be used for captioning, it will be the key tool for the projection of two movies specifically, for which some very rich deaf-specific subtitles have been prepared !

As the same time, we are receiving very positive feedback from users in Turkey, Poland, Greece... thank you all !

Now a Mac OS X demo

In addition to the Windows demo version, mallox packaged a Mac OS X automatic installer.

What’s new in 1.5

We mainly reworked the subtitle positioning system, in order to support linespacing control, absolute and relative positions, using PlayResX and PlayResY.

See Changelog for more info...

Get it !

Subtivals is released under GPL, this means you can use, access the source code, modify, package, distribute the software, as long as it remains GPL.

Like previous versions, we provide packages for Ubuntu. If you already installed it, it will be updated automatically. Otherwise, it's just simple as :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mathieu.leplatre/subtivals
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install subtivals

Regarding Mac OS and Windows, we still follow Bruno’s approach : we sell the installers on proprietary operating systems, in order to promote GNU/Linux.

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