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  1. Use PostGIS topologies to clean-up road networks

    This article gives a few basics to get started with using the PostGIS topology extension.

    We will take avandtage of topologies to clean-up a real topological road network, coming from Toulouse OpenData files.


    A topology is a general concept, where objects are defined by their relationships instead of their …

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  2. News about Subtivals

    Subtivals was used successfully in movie festivals in Cyprus, and that makes us happy ! And we regularly receive demands for Subtivals installers accross the globe ! The great unicode support of Subtivals (provided natively by Qt) makes it a great tool for movie subtitling on the international scene !

    A new website …

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  3. Drape lines on a DEM with PostGIS

    This article gives a few SQL commands to drape 2D geometries on a DEM (Digital Elevation Model), in order to obtain 3D geometries. We use PostGIS 2, and its rasters support especially.

    Load your DEM

    Assuming you have a DEM compatible with GDAL, you can easily load the raster into …

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